Purchase crypto with a credit or debit card!

How To Buy
Cryptocurrency At A Cryptobase ATM

A Bitcoin ATM is the fastest and most convenient way to buy cryptocurrency. Please watch the video to see how it’s done and feel free to reach out with any questions. We’re always here to help.

Step 1

Press 'Buy Coins' on the ATM screen

You will then be prompted to enter your mobile phone number. Press Continue. You'll immediately receive a text message with the code needed for verification.

Step 2

Enter the code received on your phone

Next, you will need to set a pin/passcode (Any 4 digit access code of your choice).

Step 3

Select the type of coin you would like to purchase

Select a Delivery Method

Choose 1 of 3 options:

Cryptobase ATM

Scan Wallet QR Code

Scan QR code on phone wallet or existing paper wallet.

Cryptobase ATM

Create a Paper Wallet

Paper receipt will print with 2 QR codes.

Cryptobase ATM

Enter Address Manually

Use the keypad to enter where the coin should be sent.

Step 4

Insert cash into the machine (one bill at a time)

The ATM will automatically identify how much money you've inserted, as well as what it's worth in the currency selected. Click 'Finish' to complete your transaction.