Published: Oct 03, 2022

How Do I Buy Bitcoins with Debit Cards?

Would you believe that you can safely buy bitcoins and several other cryptocurrencies with your own credit or debit card right from our website? We made it possible for our customers to buy bitcoins with debit cards effortlessly. Whether you are a first-time user or an experienced buyer of cryptocurrency, Cryptobase ATM will assist you with your journey into the future of money exchange. Cryptobase ATM has made buying cryptocurrency the most convenient, secure, and reliable way to purchase your coins. With our simple step-by-step buying process for Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies we offer, users can utilize this method of purchasing power to obtain more coins while starting to expand their portfolio. Cryptobase ATM thanks you for taking interest in our company and hope that we make the process to buy bitcoins with debit cards as simple as possible.

Cryptobase ATM has given the opportunity for you to buy bitcoins with debit cards accessible right from your home, office or on the go from your mobile phone instantly. With a minimum purchase of $50 USD or spending up to $20,000 USD with your valid credit or debit card, you can purchase coins online with ease. To get started building your very own portfolio with Cryptobase ATM, download our secure Cryptobase wallet from the IOS App Store. We recommend Cryptobase wallet as it offers greater security and can be quickly downloaded. Once you have obtained your wallet ID, return to “Buy Bitcoin Online” located on our website, where you will start the purchase process. For your convenience, Cryptobase ATM has set up a live cryptocurrency conversion of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies we provide to USD. After you have entered your wallet ID, you will be given the option to select from the four different cryptocurrencies we offer: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. From there, enter the amount of money you wish to spend on your purchase, then safely input your credit or debit card information and you have completed the journey as a cryptocurrency owner. With our services, you will receive money for Bitcoin in a matter of seconds. Simply, follow these step-by-step instructions below.

Buying Process with a Credit or Debit Card Online:

  1.  Download our digital wallet today.

To get access to purchasing your crypto, you must first download the Cryptobase wallet. You will set up an account, link the valid credit or debit card and complete all security features to manage your cryptocurrency on your mobile phone or desktop. Cryptobase ATM accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Apple Pay. Once you have chosen your own wallet where you would like to have your crypto sent. This wallet will be used to track all crypto transactions and purchases, right from your mobile device.

  1. Go to our website, and click “Buy Bitcoin Online.”

To purchase crypto with a credit or debit card click  “Buy Bitcoin Online” on the home page of

  1. Select the amount you would wish to purchase

Then, you will proceed to select how much you would like to purchase along with the proper money currency you’ll be using for your transaction. Once you have selected the amount it will automatically generate the Bitcoin(BTC) or the other cryptocurrency amount, depending on your selection from our cryptocurrencies. 

  1. Enter your Bitcoin (BTC) Address

It will ask for you to put your Bitcoin (BTC) address, which is located on the wallet ID. This will be completed when you create your account on the Cryptobase wallet app. The BTC address must be yours and under your full control. 

  1. Press “Continue”, Then Enter Valid Credit or Debit Card Information

The next step is a two-part process. The screen will display your order summary with the total amount of BTC converted to USD. Then you must fill out all the Card details. Cryptobase ATM disclaims that using a credit card might incur a cash advance fee from the card user. Therefore, it is recommended to use a debit card. You will then proceed to the verification step. After completing those steps and the payment has been processed, the cryptocurrency that you have purchased will be deposited and shown in your Crypto wallet.

 If you prefer to buy Bitcoin or the other cryptocurrencies that we offer with cash right away, just visit our website for all the Cryptobase ATM locations near you. We currently have machines located in 20 states and growing, to find an ATM near you search your zip code in the search bar. The Cryptobase ATM is user-friendly and is designed to deliver a smooth BTC buying experience. You may also contact our customer support service team at (305) 702-0115 for further assistance. We are always here to help. Our trained representatives are both English and Spanish speaking. Our website offers online support under the Contact Us tab, solely by filling out a form to be submitted for all questions. We are a full-service cryptocurrency company dedicated to making your experience of purchasing crypto currency straightforward and suitable for all buyers. Secure your future when you buy bitcoins with a debit card today.  

As an added bonus, contact our customer service department via phone anytime from 9 am to 9 pm EST or visit our 24/7 website contact support email at . We hope our website fully explains how to Buy, Sell or build your portfolio with a trusted company, Cryptobase ATM. 

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