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Bitcoin ATM Machines in North Dakota

How Can I Start Buying and Selling Bitcoin in North Dakota?

Are you a resident of Bismarck, North Dakota, interested in bitcoin trading? Head over to one of Bismarck’s Cryptobase ATM locations today, conveniently found at local Exxon and Argo stations. Cryptobase ATMs are the most secure and reliable way to buy and sell bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and litecoin in Bismarck. With 24/7 service and hassle-free transactions completed in minutes, you can never go wrong with a Cryptobase machine.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency, Cryptobase machines can get it done in no time. The two Bismarck locations offer a straightforward and secure interface, with step-by-step instructions allowing anyone to easily buy or sell bitcoin for cash. To find your nearest bitcoin ATM location in North Dakota and Bismarck, simply visit the Cryptobase website and select North Dakota under the States tab. After you’ve located a Cryptobase ATM, simply enter the secure kiosk and follow the prompted instructions on the screen. As a first-time user, all you’ll need is a mobile phone number and a digital wallet to register and begin trading cash for bitcoin.

Unlike online transactions and other bitcoin machines, Cryptobase ATMs don’t require that you share your personal or banking information for any cash transactions under $1,000. These ATMs are fast and reliable, processing bitcoin purchases almost instantaneously, and making sale funds available for withdrawal within 10 minutes of a transaction. No matter how much you want to invest, Cryptobase ATMs are here to help, offering the ability to buy bitcoins of any value or divide bitcoins into pieces as small as 0.0001 BTC. No matter where you are in Bismarck, our Cryptobase ATMs offer worry-free transactions with an unintimidating interface, making them ideal for anyone interested in the cryptocurrency community and market.

Fun Facts About Bitcoin in North Dakota

Big Investments in Bitcoin

With plans to double its already $3 billion investment into crypto-related projects in the state, North Dakota is establishing itself as a major crypto market and attracting serious investors to Bismarck. Crypto miners have big plans for North Dakota, with the mining company Bitzero announcing plans to build a 200-megawatt data center in either Bismarck or Fargo within three years. This move represents the company’s initiative to make North Dakota its headquarters and a hub for all North American operations.

The expansion of the crypto market has made bitcoin trading more accessible to all North Dakotans, with bitcoin ATMs popping up throughout the state, especially in the city of Bismarck. With the state embracing crypto, and cities like Williston allowing residents to pay their utility bills with cryptocurrency, everyone should feel welcome to begin trading cryptocurrency, and Cryptobase ATMs are the easiest way to get started.

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How Should I Prepare To Trade Bitcoin at a Cryptobase ATM?

How Do I Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency at a Cryptobase ATM?

Why Is Cryptobase the Best Choice for Buying Cryptocurrency in North Dakota?

What Clients Say About Us

I just tried the Cryptobase bitcoin ATM in North Dakota. I typically use an online exchange but have had many issues along the way. I was thoroughly impressed trying the bitcoin ATM in North Dakota. The fees and rates were clear to understand and the transaction was quick and secure. I will definitely be returning in the future.


Today I used the Cryptobase bitcoin ATM in North Dakota and was happy when the transaction only took a few minutes. I was definitely expecting the whole ordeal to take much longer, but that wasn't the case. The process was easy and secure! I look forward to buying more bitcoin soon from the bitcoin ATM in North Dakota.


I just came home from using the Cryptobase bitcoin ATM in North Dakota and was happy with just how seamless the whole transaction was. When I tested out the bitcoin ATM, it was easy and secure. As a reasonably new bitcoin buyer, I like that it allows me to use cash and that I didn’t have to provide personal information. It syncs quickly with my Cryptobase digital wallet too.