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How To Buy Bitcoin in Georgia: Bitcoin Locations in Atlanta

How Can I Begin Trading Bitcoin in Georgia?

If you’re a resident of Atlanta interested in bitcoin trading, you're in luck. Georgia is poised to become a leader in bitcoin mining and trading. To start trading, simply head to your nearest Cryptobase ATM, conveniently located in Shell and BP stations throughout Atlanta. Cryptobase ATMs offer seamless transactions for those interested in buying and selling bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and litecoin in the state of Georgia. Our ATMs are known for their straightforward and secure interface, with step-by-step instructions that make it simple for anyone to complete their transaction within minutes. While our Cryptobase ATMs currently operate exclusively in Atlanta, more locations are in the works for several Georgia cities including Savannah, so keep an eye out for Cryptobase ATMs in a city near you.

Bitcoin ATMs have seen a recent rise in popularity in Georgia, with legislators introducing several house bills aiming to establish Georgia as a hub for bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency trading. One of these bills, HB 681, passed in April 2022 with bipartisan support, offering public schools a half-credit course to provide financial literacy on cryptocurrencies. HB 1342 will provide tax incentives for bitcoin miners to operate in the state, however, the bill has yet to come to a vote. Given the likelihood of support for HB 1342 following the state’s encouragement of crypto trading, Georgia is on its way to becoming one of the most crypto-friendly states in the nation. The market has already opened up to allow anyone — not just large investors — to start trading cryptocurrency in Georgia, so people can begin trading at a Cryptobase ATM today.

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A Unique Opportunity in the Peach State

Whether you’re looking to start trading, or seeking a secure alternative to online trading, Cryptobase ATMs have you covered. Our ATMs offer a unique opportunity for Georgia residents, as our four locations are the only bitcoin ATMs in the state that allow users to sell cryptocurrencies directly for cash. To find your nearest bitcoin ATM location in Atlanta, simply visit the Cryptobase website and select Georgia under the States tab. After you’ve located a Cryptobase ATM, simply enter the secure kiosk and follow the prompted step-by-step instructions on the screen. As a first-time user, all you’ll need is a mobile phone number and a digital wallet to register and begin trading cash for bitcoin.

Cryptobase ATMs offer a secure and reliable avenue to begin trading. Unlike other BTC ATMs, you’re not required to share your personal or banking information for any cash purchases under $1,000. Once the transaction is initiated, your money will be available within 10 minutes, and with 24/7 service, you can purchase and sell crypto at your leisure. Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and litecoin are all available for purchase at your local Atlanta Cryptobase ATM, with the ability to buy bitcoins of any value or divide bitcoins into pieces as small as 0.0001 BTC. No matter where you are in Atlanta, Cryptobase ATMs offer worry-free transactions with an unintimidating interface, making them ideal for anyone interested in the cryptocurrency community and market.

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How Should I Prepare To Trade Bitcoin at a Cryptobase ATM?

To start using a Cryptobase ATM, you need a cellphone capable of receiving text messages and a digital wallet. Once you’ve verified your phone number through a secure code sent to your mobile device, select a 4-digit PIN to ensure seamless access. Have your digital wallet ready to receive your cryptocurrency and manage your online portfolio. There are many free digital wallet apps available for download, but using the Cryptobase wallet ensures a secure and seamless experience at all of the company’s ATMs.

How Do I Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency at a Cryptobase ATM?

Once you’ve registered your phone number and created a 4-digit PIN, buying and selling bitcoin is simple. To buy cryptocurrency, simply select the Buy Coins tab on the ATM screen. Once you’ve entered your phone number, set your PIN, and chosen from the variety of cryptocurrency options, including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and litecoin, you must then choose your delivery method, whether it be through scanning a QR code, creating a paper wallet, or manually entering the address receiving the transaction. Next, insert your cash into the machine one bill at a time, and the machine will automatically convert your cash into its equivalent for the selected cryptocurrency. Click Finish to complete your transaction. Your money will be available in your wallet app within minutes, unlike online transactions that can take days to process.

Selling cryptocurrency is just as effortless as buying cryptocurrency. To start, select the Withdraw Cash tab on the ATM screen. After entering your phone number, setting your PIN, and selecting the coin you’d like to sell, enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw. The ATM screen will then present you with a QR code to scan within your digital wallet app. In the Cryptobase wallet app, select the Send button, then select the Scan QR Code button. Make sure to double-check that you’re sending the correct amount of crypto, as you must send the exact amount of coins displayed on the ATM screen. Once you’ve scanned the QR code, small transactions will be dispensed immediately by the ATM. Larger transactions may take up to 10 minutes to process, but there’s no need to wait at the ATM. You will receive a text message when your cash is ready to be picked up. This text includes a Redemption Code to enter under the Redeem tab on the ATM to receive your funds.

Why Is Cryptobase the Best Choice for Buying Cryptocurrency in Atlanta?

Not only are Cryptobase ATMs the only bitcoin ATMs in Georgia that allow you to sell cryptocurrency for cash, but they’re more seamless, reliable, and secure than other ways of trading cryptocurrency, whether online or at other ATMs. Online crypto trading can put your money at risk of being stolen by hackers due to gaps in security, while other crypto ATMs may require personal and banking information or take a lengthy time to process transactions. Cryptobase is known for its secure and simple interface, which processes transactions within minutes and doesn’t require banking information. To ensure safe and simple crypto trading, visit a Cryptobase ATM at your local Atlanta Shell or BP station today.

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