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Want To Get Started at an Illinois Crypto Machine Location?

Crypto trading isn’t rocket science anymore. If you’re looking to get started trading cryptocurrency with the convenience of an ATM, today’s technology is better than ever. With Cryptobase, you can easily get started at one of our bitcoin ATMs in Illinois. Bitcoin ATMs make it incredibly fast and accessible to buy and sell crypto, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. A bitcoin ATM allows anyone to use their smartphone to instantly trade crypto, from bitcoin to litecoin to ethereum, with cash or credit. Now that crypto has moved from the online exchange market to the real world, it only takes a few minutes to learn to trade like an expert. Cryptobase has expanded to locations throughout St. Louis and Chicago where you can get started.

Bitcoin trading is on the rise in Illinois and isn’t slowing down. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange started offering Bitcoin futures in 2017, and since then, crypto in Chicago has experienced a big boom that expanded throughout the state. Now, exchanges made in Illinois make up nearly 8% of all bitcoin trading in the United States and more and more investors are getting involved. The crypto economy in Illinois creates jobs in the crypto exchange market and expands opportunities for everyone in the state, making it popular for both residents and lawmakers. Long a global financial leader, Chicago and its financial culture support a robust framework for the future of crypto trading. The best part is you can easily get involved in this exciting market at an Illinois crypto ATM machine.

Bitcoin ATMs are a huge part of what makes Illinois a great place to be a part of the growing crypto trade. Purchasing or selling cryptocurrency at one of our bitcoin ATMs couldn’t be easier. All you need is a cellphone number for verification and an online wallet.  To begin your crypto experience, just walk up to your local Illinois bitcoin machine locations and start a transaction. Crypto ATMs are a completely safe and reliable way to trade, making them a trustworthy option for anyone. Illinois supports the best digital security practices, as well as crypto-friendly financial regulations.

Cryptobase is bringing more bitcoin ATMs to Illinois, with 10 locations in Chicago and St. Louis and counting, which means more opportunities to trade safely and accessibly. It might seem like the crypto economy is rapidly expanding only on the West Coast or New York, but Chicago has also become a hub for crypto trading, and with so many crypto ATMs, it’s easy to find one near you. Cryptobase’s machines can be found at 24-hour locations in both of Illinois’ major cities. We’ve brought crypto trading to St. Louis, too, whether you want to buy up coins or sell fast. See all of our Illinois crypto ATM locations near you to find a place to start trading.

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What Clients Say About Us

I am an experienced investor in bitcoin and found a new way to invest using the Cryptobase bitcoin ATM in Illinois. It is conveniently located and so easy to navigate. Each step was simple, and I could use cash without providing banking details. Highly recommend the bitcoin ATM in Illinois.


If you've never purchased a bitcoin before, the Cryptobase bitcoin ATM in Illinois makes it easier than I ever imagined. I was walked through each step by the bitcoin ATM in Illinois. The transaction was smooth, easy, and secure. I'll be back to buy more bitcoins at the bitcoin ATM in IL.


I just discovered a bitcoin ATM in Illinois. Now, I no longer have to use the online exchange that takes forever and lacks security. The Cryptobase bitcoin ATM in Illinois provided an easy-to-use system and a fast and secure transaction.