Published: Sep 10, 2022

What Is a Bitcoin ATM Paper Wallet?

In contrast to traditional fiat currencies, bitcoin has no physical representation. Bitcoin bills and cards are stored digitally instead of in physical wallets. Although paper wallets are physical versions of digital wallets, they’re still considered digital wallets. 

In this kind of wallet, you hold your public and private keys on a piece of paper. QR codes are usually used to identify its address. In a paper wallet, the “paper” represents the method of accessing your coins. It combines the advantages of digital wallets with the benefits of physical wallets.

ATM Paper Wallets

Paper wallets are ATM paper receipts that print out your public address and private key. An ATM will print you one of these when you click “Create New Wallet.” 

You can use a paper wallet if you don’t have a mobile wallet or you’re using a desktop computer at home. Additionally, they can be used if you can’t scan your mobile address. 

Creating a Paper Wallet

The easiest way to create a bitcoin paper wallet is to use one of the online generators. It’s also possible to generate one at ATMs in some cases. 

Once your wallet is generated with the QR codes and keys, your data is wiped from the site, preventing any keys from being saved.

To avoid possible malware interference with your paper wallet, you should create it using a new computer. This isn’t always the most practical approach, however. 

The most common approach is unplugging the internet while the wallet is being created and clearing your history afterward. Before generating a wallet, you should do a malware check. Take precautions whenever possible.

How To Spend Using a Paper Wallet

It’s common to use paper wallets for long-term investments when storing bitcoins. Nevertheless, you should sweep your wallet as soon as possible. Wallet sweeping refers to transferring funds from paper wallets to online wallets or hardware wallets (which may or may not be electronic wallets).

It’s a good idea to sweep your wallet because keys and QR codes are printed on paper, which can fade in time (especially with cheap ink) or be lost.

The Benefits

You’re protected from hackers if you use a paper wallet, since your BTC is stored offline. However, physical wallets still lead the pack when protecting your digital treasures. By taking the necessary precautions and constructing the wallet correctly, there’s no way for hostile forces to gain access to them.

In addition, bitcoin paper wallets don’t require hardware or software maintenance, so you can store your bitcoins on a single piece of paper without worrying about failures. Although the funds themselves may not be stored on that paper, your private information is, and that’s what makes it so accessible.

The Risks

Although hackers can’t access your money, that doesn’t mean the wallet is completely secure. In addition, if the location where you’re keeping the piece of paper is discovered, the safety of your funds could be jeopardized.

Your private information is also susceptible to loss and damage since it’s physically stored on a piece of paper, which is a vulnerable storage system. 

It’s possible for the information on the paper to bleed, run, or fade over time if the wrong type of ink is used. A compromised wallet will render your bitcoins useless and inaccessible if the printing is compromised.

A paper wallet may also cease to be recognized by wallet software, causing new problems for your storage system.

User error is the main factor that affects the safety of your funds. The more care you put into your wallet, the safer your funds will be. The same is true for money, if you’re reckless or careless.

In addition, paper wallets are sometimes too technical and complicated for beginner traders to use as storage. Therefore, more experienced traders will reap more benefits from them.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Bitcoin is widely considered one of the safest cryptocurrencies to store in paper wallets. This is because the security of money was placed directly in the user’s hands in bitcoin’s early days, so it was the most secure option.

These advantages are often viewed as positive, but the risks are amplified if you don’t understand how they work.

Many traders consider this method of storing bitcoin merely a middle step in bitcoin’s evolution. Some may even consider it obsolete, as safer and more practical methods are available now, including hardware wallets.

Bitcoin ATMs

Similar to regular ATMs, bitcoin ATMs allow deposits and withdrawals of dollars. For example, a bitcoin ATM will let you deposit dollars to buy BTC or sell your bitcoin to withdraw dollars. 

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A Crypto ATM in Your Store

BTC ATMs have become a ubiquitous way to convert BTC to dollars, and they’re also one of the most reliable and discreet ways to buy bitcoin. 

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